Large goods vehicle (LGV / HGV) licence group C (rigid) and C+E (artic)

Course times generally cover 5 days of 18 hrs on a 1-to-1 basis with test at the end for LGV / HGV rigid and PCV. . We do make exceptions for trainees who would like to do weekend and evening courses and can advise availability as and when necessary.

The CPC, which is a drivers competence test also came into force on the 10th of Sept 2009. This carries 4 modules as does the DCPC (coach drivers).

    These four modules are as follows:
  • Theory part A and B
  • Theory case study
  • Practical test
  • Off road safety test (Part four needs to be completed within 2 years of the other 3 modules)

The above only needs to be taken if you are going into paid employment. This excludes workforce services such as ambulance / schoolteacher requirements.

There are three categories of HGV/LGV licence:

Category C1 - Minimum age 18
These lorries weigh more than 3,500 Kgs but don't exceed 7.5 tonnes (Gross Vehicle Weight). You can tow a trailer as long as it does not exceed 750 KG (G.V.W.) and if you got your licence prior to 1997 then you are already covered for C1.

Category C - Minimum age 18
Category C entitlement is needed to drive vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes and not exceeding 32 tonnes (Construction & Use regs.)
Cat C, (known more commonly as class 2) is best described as a rigid vehicle, i.e. the cab and trailer are permanently fixed together. <
Like the C1 any trailer being towed weight not exceed 750kg (G.V.W.) Cat C is the most common HGV licence held and the stepping stone to C+E.

Category C+E - Minimum age 18
If you want to drive articulated or draw bar type vehicles then you must gain category C+E. The letter E represents trailer entitlement (i.e. up to and over 750 Kgs).
Once you acquire cat C+E (better known as class 1) you can drive any type of Large Goods Vehicle.

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